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Introducing Post Kudos

As a Moz subscriber, you’re aware of the value in driving quality traffic to your website.
But are you doing all you can to convert those visitors?

Post Kudos helps you showcase praise from past customers so you can build credibility and close more sales, and we’ve teamed up with Moz to bring you a special offer: when you sign up for Post Kudos, you’ll enjoy 15 Kudos for free.

Add the submission form to your website

Getting started is easy!


Add the submission form to your website

Once you create your Post Kudos account, we’ll give you a code to copy and paste to a page on your website. This allows your website visitors to submit testimonials, sweepstakes entries or other video content directly from your website. They can also download the mobile app to submit their Kudos.


Create a page on your site to showcase your Kudos

We’ll give you an embed code to paste on your site for showcasing the testimonials you receive. After your customers submit their praise, you’ll be notified to approve the Kudos before they automatically appear on your site.

Uploaded Kudos
Add the submission form to your website

Ask your customers to submit their praise

As soon as your submission form and the page for showcasing your videos are in place, you’re ready to ask your customers for Kudos. Request video testimonials, use Post Kudos to collect sweepstakes entries, or get feedback on a presentation or event. Get creative!

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